Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yield to Me

Yield to me by Sarah Castille

Marcy is an aspiring MMA fighter with dreams of making it big, but she is having some issues breaking through to the top. Her gym director hire's Jax, a former fighter, to be her coach, and Jax quickly realizes that Marcy has trouble when is submission holds. After practicing with her he knows that she has trouble fighting through it because her true nature is to submit to a dominant, which is problematic as he is desperate to become her dominant. A few rounds on the floor has both Marcy and Jax hot for each other and him convinced that her true submissive nature, and her tendency to fight it means she will never be a truly successful MMA fighter. When he confides in the owner of their gym, Marcy is furious and goes after Jax, but the resulting fights leads both of them to a hot, sweaty, and naked round in the ring. Marcy's secrets are revealed, including her past relationships that failed because of her need for domination and Jax knows that Marcy deserves much better than a trainer who can't stay in one place for more than couple months. His leaving leaves Marcy heartbroken, but she still wants to prove him wrong about her fighting abilities. Both know they have found something special in the other and must give up their fears of rejection to find happiness with each other.

I was initially skeptical of this story because of the MMA fighting aspect of it, but I was quickly proven wrong. Marcy and Jax were both incredibly well developed characters, and not just for a novella. Marcy's past played an important role in her frustration and her inability to admit to her true sexual nature. I admired her dedication to her craft and her eventual ability to admit her problems and it was incredibly moving at the end when she showed how she had truly come to accept herself. Jax's fear of commitment was, granted, a romance novel stable, but I was able to overlook that cliche because of how dedicated he was to Marcy and truly did just want the best for her and his guilt when he felt that he wasn't doing all that he could for her. The two were close throughout the story and I could really see how they would get along in a true relationship. The sex was absolutely scorching and these two burned up the pages with some kinky sex, but it was also tender and full of love, which was a truly great combination. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the two strong leads and their loving, and incredibly sexy, relationship made this book well worth reading.

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