Friday, March 14, 2014

Lost in a Royal Kiss

Lost in a Royal Kiss by Vanesa Kelly L

Linnet St. Clare leads a busy life taking care of her younger siblings while her widowed mother looks after the royal nursery. Her life also brings her into repeated contact with Sir Anthony Tait, the handsome trusted advisor to the royal family. Linnet has been in love with Anthony for some time, which is convenient because he has decided she will make the perfect wife for him. When circumstances throw them together, Anthony knows it is time to make his move but his passion for Linnet causes him to lose control and Linnet runs away. Luckily Anthony's position means he has immense power and Linnet is forced to turn to him for help once again, and he knows he has one more chance to prove himself worthy of her. But Linnet's dedication to her family, and Anthony's sure-handedness once again throws their happiness in jeopardy and both of them will have to admit their feelings, and make a few sacrifices, before they can find their happily ever after.

This was a very short little novella and much of the meeting and falling in love took place before the actual book, which was a little disappointing. I loved how both of them had such important responsibilities and respected the other's positions. Linnet and Anthony made a great couple and worked so well together to solve the problems that life threw in their way. They were certainly very attracted to each other and the book had several really hot sex scenes, especially considering the length of the story. A little too much was made about the magical-ness of the "L" word and the book was obviously a set up for the next books in her series. However their happily ever after was well deserved and I could really see how their relationship would work.

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