Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Taken By Storm

Taken By Storm by Opal Carew

When her car stalls on the highway, Jessica is almost run ver by a very attractive man on a motorcycle who insists he take her back to town. Storm is everything Jessica is not, adventurous, spontaneous, and wandering, while Jessica likes her small-town life in Bakersfield where she is surrounded by family and she is safe and sound. But Storm's wild bad boy ways hold an unbelievable appeal for Jessica, while Jessica's innocence and happiness make Storm contemplate things he would have found unthinkable before her. Storm plays in Jessica's brother's band and she soon learns that dating a musician comes with lots of little annoyance, including groupies and road trips and her relationship with Storm is still new when he leaves for a week. Jessica wonders if she did something to drive him away, while Storm realizes that Jessica is just what he needs to finally stop wandering.

This novel was incredibly short and there really wasn't time for much in the way of getting to know the characters or really in the way of relationship development either. Jessica is a small town girl who likes things steady and safe, while Storm is the ultimate bad boy with no ties to anyone and plenty of tattoos. The book was an average good girl-bad boy story to the point that it became a little stereotypical and they were both so set in their own little "type" that it was hard to see what they saw in each other. Once the opposites attract haze wears off, I just didn't really see there being much left for these too. For a short novella there was a nice amount of very hot sex and it was a nice change just to go back to a couple instead of a the more kinky stuff from the previous books in the anthology.

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