Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First Sinners

First Sinners by Kate Pearce

Ian, Earl of Westbrook, is asked to investigate possible treason at the Perry estate and so he attends their house party in the guise of courting their younger daughter. However, it the older sister, Faith Perry, who catches his eye and his interest, especially when he walks in on her in the library masturbating and reading a dirty book. Faith has always been the good daughter and she plans to spend her life as a bookish spinster, but decides that this could be her one chance to experience the sexual pleasure she has been reading about. Ian is all too willing to help the beautiful young explore her sexuality as she appears very eager to experience everything, but he also knows he needs to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Faith is also worried about mysterious happenings at the estate, but doesn't view Ian as trustworthy enough to confide him. The two are put in a dangerous position when they catch each other searching out something mysterious, and while it does turn into some remarkable sexy time for them, it also leads the villain out into the open to threaten their lives. When Ian fears he may lose Faith, he knows that their relationship is about more than sex and he wants to spend the rest of his life loving, and making love to, her.

This novella was incredibly short and there really was not a lot of relationship building going on, but what was there was fairly strong, if very heavy on the sex. I really liked Faith for being a bookish and in control of his life and willing to take on an adventure. Her decision to engage in sexual activity with Ian was definitely not realistic for the time, but totally in keeping with her character and I rather admired it. Ian was a typical rogue with quite a sexual past, but he was also half-Indian and had a bunch of baggage because of his upbringing and dual cultures and because his exotic-ness has led him to become quite the catch for ladies of the ton. The sex was scorching and varied and was definitely the glue holding them together and had tinges of submission and dominance. Their relationship also formed as the investigating the smuggling, and while it was interesting and certainly provided an air of mystery, it didn't distract from the story. Overall this was a very hot read that could have used some more development of their relationship, but was excellent for what it was.

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