Monday, April 18, 2011

A Week of Pleasure

A Week of Pleasure by Christie Kelley 417

Kendra Smythe is in desperate circumstances; her family is going bankrupt and the only hope she has is to locate her fiance, the Earl of Bansfield before it is too late. He is completely MIA so she and her friend Sarah decide that the solution is for her to offer her virginity to Derrick Thorton, a notorious rake in exchange for money. But Derrick is on a mission for the Home Office and his twin brother Devlin is pretending to be him and it is Devlin that Kendra propositions. Devlin accepts, partly because it is what his brother would do and partly because he desperately wants Kendra, but promises not to take her virginity over the week they have alotted for each other. But Kendra wants Devlin badly and she does not want her hated fiance to get her virginity so she seduces him and he is furious. Devlin is convinced he has been betrayed, even more so when he discovers that Kendra is his fiance as he is the Earl of Bansfield. Kendra has fallen in love with Dev, whom she thinks is Derrick, and does not know if she can now marry her lover's brother. As the wedding approaches and the tension mounts, both Kendra and Devlin need to learn to trust in their love for one another and take a chance.

I did not know this was an erotica when I ordered it, so I was somewhat surprised to find that the book was almost entirely sex, and it was quite a short book. Kendra and Devlin were fairly well developed considering the length of the novel and I enjoyed reading about both of them and thought they made a very good couple. I would have liked to have had them spend more time (a lot more time) together outside of bed though to really get a feel for how their relationship worked. The sex was HOT, really hot, quite imaginative and rather beyond its' time what with some very modern language and morals. The virginal heroine is far from innocent as she had attended orgies and talked freely about some very risque things. There were quite a few plot holes that almost did the story in for me though as I could not figure out how she did not know that Derrick Thorton was her fiance's brother! Devlin also had major trust issues with women that were semi-explored, and I thought that the resolution was not really an adequate way of explaining how he got over those trust issues- in fact they probably should have made him less trustworthy.

Rating: This book was good for what it was: hot sex in a short little book with a couple of interesting characters, but I would not expect more than that.

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